Using the PDWS During NRMP® SOAP® in the ERAS 2020 Season

ERAS provides an overview of how to review, filter and rank SOAP applicants within the Program Director's WorkStation (PDWS).
Additional topics covered:
    • SOAP Participation
    • SOAP 2020 ERAS Schedule
    • Next steps after SOAP

Welcome to the ERAS 2020 Season Webinar Training Library!

The PDWS training webinar series is a great resource for both new and experienced users to learn how to fully leverage the PDWS. To ensure that you are watching the right webinar we have included the difficulty level of each webinar: "Basic", "Intermediate", and "Advanced":

    • Basic - You have just started using the PDWS and you would like to have the basic essential skills a user needs to navigate the PDWS.

    • Intermediate - You have access to the PDWS, basic understanding of the PDWS, and would like to use a specific tool in the PDWS (e.g. Interview Scheduler) outside of reviewing applications.

    • Advanced - You have a good grasp of the basic and intermediate level webinars content and you're ready to learn about more in-depth tips and tricks to using the PDWS.

ERAS 2020 December Cycle Webinars