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Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Position - Corewell Health - Grand Rapids/Michigan State University 

03-06-2024 14:02

Welcome to the Corewell Health-Grand Rapids/Michigan State University Geriatric Medicine Fellowship! The geriatric medicine fellowship aims to produce physicians who are immersed in the core principles of geriatric medicine, including geriatric syndromes, and will provide compassionate and comprehensive care that is relevant to an aging population, some who may be living with serious illness. This program will focus on community care, serving those living in the thirteen-county footprint of West Michigan currently being served by Corewell Health in West Michigan. The geriatric medicine fellowship will capitalize on the fully integrated system that makes up Corewell Health and the evolving value-based programs integral to care delivery systems. This mission will be accomplished by active engagement of the fellows in the wide range of clinical environments available to them from home based primary care, long term care settings and acute care experiences. Our faculty members are committed to fostering the growth and development of future colleagues. We recognize and respond to the needs of our patients, communities and organization and are ready to serve as role models for future generations of physicians through compassion, commitment to excellence in teaching and patient care, professionalism, innovation, and a dedication to lifelong learning. The program’s mission aligns well with the Corewell Health mission of improving health, instilling humanity, and inspiring hope.

The aim of the geriatric medicine fellowship is to equip physicians with the knowledge, skills and attitudes centering on the core principles of geriatric medicine, focusing on interdisciplinary, team-based care with an emphasis on understanding what matters most to older adults living with serious illness and helping craft a plan of care that is consistent with their goals in the context of their health condition and prognosis.

  • Develop physicians as skilled facilitators of interdisciplinary teams giving them progressive responsibility throughout their year long experience.
  • Develop physicians as skilled prognosticators armed with the communication skills necessary to assist older adults and their care partners in current and future care planning.
  • Develop physicians who understand quality improvement processes and the rigor of putting together plans that address specific issues and needs in a variety of long term care settings.
  • Develop physicians who function in a fully integrated health system and manage an aging, frail population across the continuum of care, minimizing transitions, yet understanding how to manage those transitions with grace.

All applicants must possess U.S. work authorization or be eligible for J-1 status.  Applicants must have completed three years of U.S. postgraduate residency training in an ACGME- or RCPSC-accredited program before entry into the fellowship program.

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An overview of our Geriatric Medicine Fellowship program, including links to locations that you will train at, a link to our website, and links for more information around West Michigan.

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